Welcome to Teddy Bears Without Borders


Teddy Bears Without Borders was originally conceived as a community craft project geared towards providing children in Australian immigration detention handmade teddy bears to assist with self-soothing and let them know that they were in the thoughts of the Australian people.  That project was completed successfully in 2016 – you can read all about it here!

The project generated so much interest even after its completion that it seemed a waste to let all that positive energy and motivation from our supporters slip away.  While there may not be an ongoing need for handmade teddy bears for refugee and asylum seeker children, there are plenty of other opportunities for willing parties to get involved with sharing skills, making connections and supporting refugees.

From this point forward, Teddy Bears Without Borders will aim to provide a hub of information that is:


*focused on highlighting individuals and groups that are looking for contributions of time, craft or dollars in support of refugees and asylum seekers around Australia

*inclusive of as many events and groups as possible, to cover the many interests of the people who visit our site.

If you are involved with, or know of, a group or individual in your area who fits the bill and would like to be featured on our blog, please comment below or contact us through our Facebook page.




18 thoughts on “Welcome to Teddy Bears Without Borders

    • Hi Kate, you can post them to PO Box 162 Mansfield Qld 4122 or if you live in Brisbane, the Gold, or Sunshine Coast there are contacts on the right side bar of this page where you can arrange a drop-off/pick-up of your bear/s. Thank you for supporting this project!


      • I can’t see the contacts – maybe because I am using an iPad? I have finished one and started a second and would like to know where in Brisbane I can drop them off. Many thanks.


      • Hi Evelyn, yes it seems the contacts pane doesn’t show up on mobile devices. Sorry about that – will fix it. The World Wellness Clinic at Stones Corner (11/416 Logan Road ph 3333 2100) collects teddies for the project. Alternatively, we have volunteers around town who can pick up teddies or rendezvous with you. Feel free to call or text me on 0416 527 270 to arrange. Thanks for your support!


    • Hi Kerry, there are two simple patterns (one for knitting and one for crochet) on the Make a Teddy page. More will be available there shortly. Thanks for your feedback and support for the project!


  1. Hi there – I’d love to help. I’ve got about six crochet toys I’ve made recently – they’re not all teddies – some rabbits and one of the Incredible Hulk 😉 Is there a restriction on sizes or shapes?


    • Hi Gargoylebruce, thanks for your message – sounds like you have an eclectic bunch! We’ve decided to accept just teddies for this project however we know of a couple of other organisations who might be interested in your characters (will confirm with them and post their details here, if you’re interested?). Regarding size, we’re saying between 20-35cm long, as a rough guide.


  2. Hi, I was wondering about making a girl teddy with a skirt. When you say extras need to be knitted in, would it be ok if the skirt was knitted in at the waist but hung over the legs?


  3. I’d love to knit or crochet teddy bears for refugees. Could someone please start a class for people like me on the Gold Coast who’d love to help but never learned how to knit ur crochet?


  4. Is it a requirement that the teddies be either knitted or crocheted, or can they be sewn (providing of course that they meet the material safety requirements). I don’t know how to knit or crochet but I can sew and would be happy to make a few!


  5. Hi.
    I have approx 100 small teddies which are in perfect condition. I would like to donate them to the children in refugee facilities if possible. I live in Brisbane is there any where I can deliver them too?

    Many thanks


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