Tree, Glorious Tree! Knitfest Safe Harbour Project Assembled!

tree up 4 sign

For a 360 degree view of our finished piece, click here for a video!

tree up 10

After a solid fortnight of sorting, sewing and embellishing all the strips, stars and pompoms for our Knitfest Safe Harbour tree, the day finally came to make the magic happen! On the 7th of July – a delightfully rainy and cold Friday – the Teddy Bears Without Borders and Mums 4 Refugees tree for the Maleny Knitfest tree cosy competition was adorned with yarny goodness.tree up 3

We did manage to get an hour or so of rain-free weather and with the help of a zillion zip ties, the piece started to come together quickly. I did, in the end, need to actually climb the tree, something I haven’t done in about thirty years, in order to fit the lighthouse section and apart from a mildly embarrassing slip on exiting the tree, made it back down intree up 2 one piece.Tree up 1

While we were putting the tree up, many passers-by offered positive comments and asked about the meaning behind the piece and a few even assured me that they would look up our Facebook page to find out more.



tree up 6

While our tree was only up in Maleny for two days, as per the competition requirements, the exciting news is that our piece is now available to go ON TOUR!

We are now offering our piece to any organisation or school who would like to host our piece for a week at a time so that we can spread our desire for safe harbour for refugees and asylum seekers even further.

To this end, Laura Diete, who contributed a number of strips and stars to the project, has taken possession of the piece and will use it to dress a tree in Killarney as part of the annual Jumpers and Jazz in July festival that is based in Warwick, Qld.

If you know any organisation or school that would like to host our Safe Harbour piece for a few days to a week, we would love to hear from you! All the organisation or school would need for hosting the piece is a reasonably large tree or fence and a willingness to share the message of safe harbour for refugees and asylum seekers.

While we’re not sure what the next steps for our Knitfest piece will turn out to be – although we hope it will travel far and wide – Teddy Bears Without Borders would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all who contributed knitted or crocheted pieces, pompoms or shared the project around to interested parties.





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