Where have all the teddies gone?

Since we announced that we reached our target back in April we have been working on distributing lots of teddies. In case you haven’t been to our Facebook page recently here are some highlights, in pictures:


In April these teddies made their way to Melbourne – to children in the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation (MITA) and in community detention.


Also in April these fifty teddies were sent to Nauru. They eventually made it and were distributed in a playgroup for children who have suffered torture and trauma.



In May we received this picture of V, along with permission to share it 🙂


Also in May, Judy delivered 20 teddies to Marcela at the Romero Centre in Brisbane. Families from the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation (BITA) sometimes have the opportunity to visit the centre for playgroup and respite. Your teddies were waiting…


In June we received this picture – the second batch of teddies reached Nauru! These ladies were hard at work. Arms full of love 🙂


These teddies get a special mention because…they came all the way from Munich, Germany!      Thank you Isidore!

WelcomeToAusSA-August WelcomeToAustralia2 WelcomeToAustraliaSA

In June we posted a sleuth of teddies to Megan at Welcome to Australia SA. In August she sent us these pictures.


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