Target reached!

We have now reached our target of 440 teddies! Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Teddy Bears Without Borders! We have been so impressed with the creativity, care, character, and work you have put in to making these beautiful, comfort tools for children in detention. From hearing stories of children who have received your teddies we know they have made many kids (and their parents) happy. We are so grateful and inspired by the response to this community-driven project.

We are still busy working to deliver the rest of the teddies to children in immigration detention, and those recently released into the community. Any remaining teddies will be given to children in community detention. Following this, there may be other opportunities to take the project in another direction. We will keep you posted!





2 thoughts on “Target reached!

  1. Oh dear I have 5 teddies still in the pickup pipeline and a few more nearly finished! Obviously the ones in the pipeline will go to kids in community detention (which is fine by me) but what should I do with the new ones? Gill


    • Hi Gill, feel free to send them on to us – there are many children in community detention and I think it will be easy to find your teddies good homes 🙂 Thanks so much for your continuing support!


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