Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all the makers and friends of Teddy Bears Without Borders! We hope you all had wonderful, safe, and happy holidays.
Over the break we had sew-a-thons to catch up on sewing name labels and attaching tags to all the amazing teddies received in the last few weeks. Just a reminder to please take care when embroidering faces – small, secure stitches, no hard or stuck-on eyes, and friendly faces please. It can be quite time-consuming modifying teddies to meet safety requirements, in addition to sewing on name labels and attaching tags!
With lots of movement of families in and out of detention centres since late last year we have recently given teddies to some children who have just been released from detention in Brisbane. We’ve heard some harrowing stories from parents and met some lovely children who were really happy to pick through baskets and choose their own teddies. Parents were grateful that all children were given teddies – as this was not always the case with toys in detention. Having spent 2 of his 3 years in detention one boy addressed us as ‘officers’ – his parents tried to explain to him who we were and that they are no longer in detention but he has known little else in his short and turbulent life. We hope these families will be able to settle permanently and live happy lives in Australia.
To date we have received 107 handmade teddies – 255 teddies in total. We have sent and distributed 196 teddies and now need 475 to reach our goal.
Your handmade teddies are important practical tools for children and we thank everyone who has contributed so far. We look forward to continuing to build the project this year and raising awareness of the plight of children in detention within the wider Australian community.


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