Thank you everyone and Merry Christmas!


To all the teddy makers & admirers, project donors, and supporters of children and families in detention,

We’ve had a fantastic response in the first few weeks of this project and wish to thank each and every one for your support. To date we’ve received 234 teddies of our goal of 730 (you can keep an eye on the tally here on our website) and distributed many of them already. Over the Christmas/New Year break we will be sewing labels and attaching tags to the 60+ teddies we’ve received in the last week. Some families who have been in detention will shortly move in to the community and we will do our best to offer teddies to these kids in the days and weeks ahead. With constantly changing circumstances we are doing our best to network in order to reach as many children as possible. There are still approximately 150 children in detention on Nauru and in the new year our goal is for teddies to reach these kids. We still have plenty to do but have had a fantastic start – thanks to all of you! We wish you all a happy holiday season and look forward to continuing this project in 2015. Merry Christmas!


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