Inverbrackie Detention Centre to close in 3 weeks

The Inverbrackie Detention Centre in SA will close in 3 weeks. Little is known publicly about what will happen to the families currently held there although there are some reports of families having already been transferred to Christmas Island and Perth. We would love to be able to send a batch of teddies to these children before the centre closes. If you have a teddy on the go please consider sending it soon!

“Some locals worried the Inverbrackie centre, 3km from Woodside, would change their quiet, idyllic life for the worse.

Fast forward three years and the centre — and hundreds of people who have temporarily lived there — have been embraced.

Many in Woodside were saddened and disappointed, but unsurprised, by news the centre would close by the end of the year, as revealed by The Advertiser yesterday.

The Inverbrackie centre is one of six detention centres the Abbott Government will shut down to help save $70 million a year from the budget, amid a decline in the number of boat arrivals.

It contains 80 former defence personnel houses and also includes a medical clinic, library and community centre and has been home to a high proportion of families and children and also pregnant women.”

Read the full article here:

The Advertiser May 08 2014 – Inverbrackie detention centre to be closed to what will it be used for


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