Current Project: Winter Warmers


Here is our second project for 2019: Project Winter Warmers!  Although it’s summertime and most of us are sweltering, all too soon winter will creep up and there will be plenty of people in our community without work rights or government support who will need some help keeping warm as the temperature drops.

Project: Winter Warmers is an opportunity to get the jump on these future needs by starting early to support those organisations working with people seeking asylum in our communities.


– knitted or crocheted BLANKETS, BEANIES OR SOCKS in adult sizes.  These will be distributed to the Indooroopilly Uniting Church Refugee Welcome Hub, Asylum Circle and the Romero Centre in Brisbane before winter.

Items should preferably be made with a yarn that is easy to wash/care for (ie: cotton, acrylic).


Here is a small selection of basic patterns.  You are more than welcome to use your own pattern instead!

Knitted blanket:

Crocheted blanket:

Knitted beanie:

Crocheted beanie:

Knitted socks:

Knitted slippers:

Items will need to be received by May 20th, 2019 and can be posted to:

Project Winter Warmers

13 Panorama St,

Bray Park  QLD  4500

OR contact us via our Facebook pagefor details about drop-offs in Brisbane.


Thank you for your support!




Current Project: Pantry Bags


Hooks, needles and sewing machines at the ready, Team Teddy, for our first project of 2019!

Project: Pantry Bags is all about supporting the many organisations that run food banks supporting people seeking asylum in the community by providing them with handmade, reusable grocery and produce bags, so their clients have something to carry their groceries home in.


— knitted, crocheted or sewn grocery/market tote bags as well as sets of smaller produce bags (for transporting fruits and vegetables).  These will be collected and distributed to a number of organisations supporting people seeking asylum, including the Romero Centre and Indooroopilly Uniting Church Refugee hub in Brisbane.


Here is a small selection of patterns for different bags, but please feel free to use your own pattern or search for a different one.


Mesh Produce Bags

Easy Mesh Grocery Bag

Market Tote Bag

Produce bag


Provence Market Bag

Girlfriend Market Bag

Weightless Mesh Produce Bag


Pillowcase Bag

Bags can be posted to:

Project Pantry Bag

13 Panorama St,

Bray Park  QLD  4500

OR contact us via our Facebook pagefor details about drop-offs in Brisbane.









Project Complete: Nauru Teddy + Toy Project 2018

Nauru teddy and toy project icon

Our Teddy + Toy Drive in support of children on Nauru came to a satisfying close in September, as the final teddies and toys were handed over to Befriend A Child in Detention for distribution to some very worthy children.

In August, the first batch of teddies arrived on Nauru with Jeni, our contact and the instigator of this project, and were placed in the hands of HOST International, an organisation working directly with the asylum seeker children incarcerated there.

Host International

A second load of teddies was delivered to the Brisbane collection day for Melbourne-based superheroes Befriend a Child in Detention.

teddy drop off

Soon after this, however, the Kids Off Nauru movement gained momentum, and at the time of writing only eight asylum seeker children remain on the island.  The children who have been brought to Australia with their families, as we understand it, are mostly in community detention at the moment.  The Befrienders are currently making arrangements to distribute our teddies and toys to those children in community detention, to welcome them to Australia.

This brings the Teddy + Toy Project to a close on a happy note!

We would like to thank everyone who made a teddy or toy, Jeni N, our intrepid visitor to Nauru, HOST International and Befriend a Child in Detention for helping to make this project possible.

Thank you Team Teddy!

If you would like to get involved with any of our other projects, you can find the details here.

What Can One Person Do?: The Welcome Dinner Project


Today we are chatting with Tyler Riordan from The Welcome Dinner Project, a wonderful initiative that is bringing communities together and connecting in friendship those who were once strangers.

Read on to see how you can get involved!

welcome dinner pic 5

The aim of the Welcome Dinner Project is to connect newly arrived people (people seeking asylum, refugees, international students and migrants) with established Australians in local homes over their shared love of food.  The project started in Sydney in 2013 and since then we have expanded to around 15 locations across Australia including all capital cities. 

The Queensland Coordination team is made up of Bel Kimson and myself and we are supported by volunteers who help facilitate the dinners and lunches by creating a safe and welcoming environment.  Our generous hosts also help out by offering their homes as the location for the shared pot luck meals.

I first heard about the project after returning from overseas in early 2017 and I was instantly attracted to the idea.

Welcome Dinner Quote 1

Through my academic career as an anthropologist specialising in migration, I was also aware of the benefits that can come from this type of project.  There are fantastic benefits that this project can bring to individuals and the wider community.  The research shows that social isolation is one of the biggest challenges that face newly arrived people who are attempting to settle in Australia.

welcome dinner quote 2

As each guest brings a plate of food that reminds them of home, all of the participants are given a platform to share and celebrate their cultural background.  Most importantly, it is a great way to meet new people in your neighbourhood, have fun and maybe learn a new recipe!

If you really want to show support to people, the best way is to show them that you care.  Get involved! 

weclome dinner quote 3

We are always looking for new guests or hosts at The Welcome Dinner Project, and there are a range of other fantastic organisations doing similar things all over the place.  Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more at or at one of the links below.

Thank you Tyler for sharing your story and helping to provide a safe and welcoming space for new arrivals to Australia.  The Welcome Dinner Project invites people from all over Australia to get involved and share the community spirit.  If you would like to know more, contact The Welcome Dinner Project via their Facebook page or website.

If you know of an individual or group that would like to be featured in our What Can One Person Do? series, please ask them to get in touch via the Teddy Bears Without Borders Facebook page. 

If you would like to contribute to any of Teddy Bears Without Borders current projects, just click here for more information.

Nauru Teddy & Toy Project Update – June 2018

Nauru project final collage

The response to our Nauru Teddy & Toy Project has been amazing and generous!

In just two short months we have received 28 flying discs and over 140 handmade (knit, sewn and crocheted) teddies and other cuddly toys.  You guys rock!

This means that there will be enough teddies and toys for EVERY child currently detained on Nauru to receive their own special gift.

This project is now complete for the moment and I will be liaising with the contact who requested the toys to have them escorted to Nauru and distributed in batches.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed, including (but not limited to!) Gwen Williams Nel and Renee Bratby, Denise Margie, Sewing For Charity Australia, Elizabeth MacLeod, Karen Cutlack (and her mum!), Francine and Cassie and the Griffith University Lions Club Krafters.

We will keep you posted as the teddies get distributed.  This project is now closed.

If you would like to get involved with any of our other projects, you can find the details here.


Current Project: Nauru Teddy + Toy Project

Nauru teddy and toy project icon

Teddy Bears Without  Borders has received a request to provide small handmade teddies and handmade frisbees for children in immigration detention on Nauru.  The exact requirements of this project are still being settled, and at the moment, any contributions will need to be received by June 1st, 2018.  If you would like to help, please see the details below.


Small teddies for the children to cuddle or to share with others and handmade frisbees to provide entertainment and exercise for the older children.  See below for specific requirements for teddies and frisbees.

Teddy requirements:

We are asking for knitted, crocheted or sewn teddies of APPROXIMATELY 6 Inches or 15 cm in height. Bigger teddies are okay, but due to packing restrictions of the volunteers visiting Nauru, smaller teddies mean we can fit more in.

Any fabric or yarn type is acceptable.  Teddies should be stuffed with fibrefill (hobby stuffing), rather than rice or rags.

Teddies must have embroidered facial features (no safety eyes) and friendly faces are best.

Safety eyes are not safe (ironically!) for very small children, so embroidered faces are a must.  You can find excellent tutorials for how to sew faces onto yarn and fabric dolls herehere and here.

Teddies should preferably be free of accessories (jackets, scarves, hats etc), but any adornments MUST be firmly stitched to the body of the teddy.

Extra bits like scarves look super-cute, but can detach from the teddy and cause a choking hazard so please re-think adding them in.

You can find patterns for small teddies here (sewing)here (crochet) andhere (knitted)

Frisbee requirements:

Crocheted frisbees can be any size given their flatness. Having made them in the past, these are great for using up yarn scraps and work best with small, tight stitches.

You can find a pattern for them here.


Teddies will need to be received by June 1st, 2018


Teddies can be posted to:

Nauru Teddy Project

13 Panorama St,

Bray Park  QLD  4500

OR contact us via our Facebook page for details about drop-offs in Brisbane.

Project Complete: Handmade Plush Toy Drive in support of Backpacks for Refugee Kids at Christmas Brisbane 2017

backpack toy drive image

Our Handmade Plush Toy Drive for 2017 in support of Backpacks for Refugee Kids at Christmas was a roaring success!  At a final count we collected approximately 260 handmade plush teddies and toys for the backpacks, which was far and way above our original goal of 150.  Here is a picture of all the toys we received, so you can get a feel for what 250 handmade plushies looks like:

Handmade toy drive total collection

The teddies were allocated to individual children, packed into backpacks and distributed during December 2017 and from feedback shared within the Backpacks for Refugee Kids at Christmas – Brisbane Facebook Group, the children and families who received them were extremely appreciative of the generosity of those who contributed.

Teddy Bears Without Borders would like to extend a massive thank you to everyone who contributed to making this project so successful.